Thursday, December 23, 2004

wheres everyone at?

wow, talk about a quiet blogger. is anyone still here or am I writing to myself here? how about giving a heads up if anyones reading this? I know kimber and I are advertising the blog, so we would love to hear from some of our callers that actually took the time to read this. let us know what you want to read about.......what you are dying to know about us!!
the nawti one

Saturday, December 04, 2004

and So the Season has Begun

The Christmas Season is here......Keen and Niteflirt are full of good cheer,
I am posting this message now, so I dont forget later on in the Season
To all that are reading this, I wish you a very Merry Holiday Season!!
If you travel for the Holidays, please travel safely, Keep an eye on the Weather,
Make sure your driving speed limits, etc. If you are over tired on the road,
always know you can call any of us at niteflirts to talk to while you drive.......
what better way to keep awake then have a beautiful woman telling you how she would like to suck on your massive cock?? A throbbing hardon would surely keep you focused on the road and the other drivers around you!!
Don't ever feel you are interupting our time, or keeping us up during the nights. We are here for you to are the reasons we keep our phones on, and if we need to be doing something else, have no doubt that we will turn the phones off to do so.
I just wanted to remind you all that we are here for you, no matter what. we dont just do this for the money, many of us also do this because we enjoy talking to you.
I have met so many wonderful people through my phones, had so many awesome conversations........I can only hope the New Year brings You all back to Me, as well as many more wonderful people.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!!
Nikki......the Nawti One

Monday, November 22, 2004


This one's for Nikki, mainly, but it's also for fun.

I love thinking of new ways to humiliate my guys, but I also love it when they give me ideas I can pass on to someone else. Here are a few of my favorites

I always remember that everything is my will. He cums not because he wants to or needs to or even if he begs prettily. He only cums because it pleases me.

My slave boy is only permitted on my bed when it suits me, he is never be permitted to sleep with me. The only man I want to sleep with is a big strong one who wraps me in his heavy strong arms.

He has a pallet at the foot of my bed, maybe blankets and a pillow, if he earns them. Yes, on the floor.

Generally, I can't stand whining and will mete out the harshest punishments for it.

One was good, very good, but then whined just a bit that he wanted to fuck my pussy. It seems he felt he'd "earned" it. I went into my closet and brought out a box. I told him "this is your birthday present." It was only two days early, but he'd turned it into both a reward and a punishment. I said "maybe this will teach you not to whine!" and drop-kicked it over to him, saying "blow her up carefully and keep her clean."

Sometimes I tie my boy's ankles to his wrists as he kneels beside my bed. If I have a gentleman caller, my boy might suck my guest's cock hard or clean it off as he's leaving. But he would kneel there and watch as I am fucked, so he could see what he was missing. Though, it all really depends on how I feel. I have forced him to his pallet where he can't see, he can only listen and feel the bed rocking.

Piss me off and find yourself royally pissing on yourself by wearing a diaper for 24 hours. Do I care where you are going and what you plan to do? No, not really.

Real life trips to the mall to inquire into the price of crotchless pantyhouse or panties, maryjanes and ankle socks, or just to the local X-Rated bookstore so he can sit in a booth and suck cock are
some of the more mild assignments, not punishments, I've given to remind my boys just who is boss.



Sunday, November 21, 2004

an unusual kind of caller??

I have this caller....we will just call him "tommy parker" who totally gets off on being referred to as a little faggot while he wears women's panties, thigh highs, bras, the whole nine yards, masterbating into them. Now, he truely loves to be humiliated, in the sense that i threaten to expose him for being, and i use this word because its what he refers to himself as, a faggot. The idea of being forced to suck a strap on, or a huge cock while hes being fucked anally seems to be what really makes him cum, but the entire time, he wants told what a nasty little fag he is.
so Tommy Parker, you fagboy, heres to you. I am just wondering if anyones got any hot ideas on how to humiliate this little faggot more then being a cocksucker already has!!!
The Nawti One

Friday, November 19, 2004


did you ever have one of those days where your mind is in one place and one place only? i got this call during the night last night, and the guy was describing in detail how he would fuck my ass, starting with sliding his tongue in and out, making it nice and wet, his thumb brushing over my clit just to the point where he notices the change in my body, signifying that i am close to cumming, slipping two fingers deep into my wet cunt, teasing, tempting, making me ache for more, and then finally, at last, i feel his cock running over my juicy lips, my hips held still by his hands as i rest on my back, my legs drawn up to his shoulders, feeling soft lips caress my ankles, suddenly feeling his huge length slip into my tight little fuck hole. his strokes are long and hard, taking me to complete new levels as i feel his balls slap against my sweet little ass.
Suddenly he slides out of my cunt, moving me around like a rag doll, slamming his cock into my mouth, hot breath embracing it as i feel the head slip over the roof of my mouth, deep green eyes looking up at him, feeling him thrust deeper, i fight the urge to gag as i feel his cock at the back of my throat, then still, he slams deeper, forcing my throat to take all of him, his fingers pulling at my hair, forcing my succulent mouth to take all of him.
when i think i can stand no more, he slips my legs back over his shoulders, my juicy cunt seeming to peak out to him, inner thighs coated in cuntjuices. he rams his cock back into my cunt, fast, no warning, and yes, my body willingly takes him. his fingers are toying with my tight little ass, one finger slipping into that soft pink pucker. my hips thrust forward more as i feel both my cunt and my ass being toyed with, my body aching for release.
With no warning, he pulls out of that hot cunt, and i suddenly feel my legs lifted higher, that sweet little asshole being teased with the head of his soak and wet cock. he watches my face as he slips just that fat head into my ass, my gasp filling the entire room. a deep moan escapes me as he pushes further into my tight ass, my own juices providing the lubrication. i watch his face, seeing the concentration on his features, suddenly shocked as i feel him move completely inside my ass. the muscles relax easily for this incredible fucking, my legs pulled this way and that, my body forced to ride his cock from on my back, his fingers dipping into that little honey hole. he thrusts a bit faster now, his thumb circling my swollen clit, my body shuddering as i am over came with orgasm, my hips pumping furiously, his cock slamming in and out of my ass. feeling him grip onto my hips, holding me still, he slammed one last time into me before i felt his hot jism spill in that sweet little asshole.
all this from a call.......detailed just like that, and now, my hot little ass seems to be begging to be fucked. the toys just aren't the same.... right now, i truely need that ass spread wide with a hot cock, and then filled to the rim.
the Nawti One

The phone

I woke up this morning to the sound of my phone ringing...mmmmmmmmmm who would it be to rouse my body this day? I leaned over to my side, my heavy breasts rolling to clap together hand reaching for the phone...I could already feel my clit start to pound and the juices start to flow....A call..I was getting a call!!!...Would the voice be whispery or loud and commanding...."get your fingers in your cunt girl".....could I hear the man sounds of his arousal starting already as a soft moan escaped over my full lush lips... or would i just say, Hello...this is can I fullfill your fantasy today? My imagination is fertile and I am lucky to have a body that responds wickedly to it. I get lots of calls from lots of men and each is special and important to me. Will I be able to give him what he needs? Will I know just what will send him flying this day? and mostly..... Will I get to hear you cum?...thoughts run through my reaction shows in my moans and the motion of my body as I roll to my belly and begin to hump the bed..shoving a pillow neath my hips to give me more clit pressure....I listen to each word from Your mouth,,,be it a strong or quiet one and I feed on them.....and when I cum..I cum for you...only you.....thrusting my wanton hips hard, like a freed fuckbeast and letting my juices pour out....Growls this is a way to start a day......

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Menage a Trois

I had this hot sexxy guy who wanted to do a three-way call with another girl.

Unfortunately, I didn't know what to do at the time, but now I do, thanks to one of my special guys!

The guy has to create two accounts and have the call waiting feature as part of his telephone service package.

He calls girl #1 from his account #1, then does the click/flash thing and calls girl #2 from account #2. Once girl #2 is connected, one last click/flash will connect all three together.

It doesn't cost anything extra as far as accounts go (you can have three accounts per phone line), but he does have to pay both girls.

As far as I know, there's no other way to do it within the system. The person who is making the connections has to call both girls at the same time.

The only alternative is for one girl to call him and then the other girl at their private phone numbers.

In my book, that's not an option.

Kimber -Y

What a group of HOTTIES

I see nothing but the cream of the crop with all of you women!!!!!

my boy scott

My boy scott would do anything I tell him. Tonight, he must paint his toenails pink and go to bed. Well, after he cleans the cum off his tummy! Tomorrow, his assignment is to stroke his cock for the entire commute to work, 10 minutes on every hour at work, the entire commute home, and 15 minutes of every hour thereafter. This can be especially arduous for him as he never knows when I'll let him cum again. The longest he has gone without cumming was 10 days. I love how scott is so obedient and wants to please me. But sometimes he can be a bit of demanding. For instance, tonight he was laying on his bed, stroking his cock. I told him to close his eyes and imagine me there, stroking my nails up his thighs, over his belly, and torturing his nipples. He said he would rather imagine being on his knees. For me, that's an area of concern. I understand kneeling is a subservient position. However, does he want to be my slave boy for his own personal gratification, or does he want to please me? Also, after he came, he thanked me. I find his appreciation endearing, but on the other hand, the only thing that needed to be said was from me, perhaps a "good boy," if warranted. The point of his cumming was my pleasure, not his. I'm certain that some mistresses who have more experience than me may say I am being nitpicky, but that's just how I am.

Respect comes first.

You may call me Kimber

Surfing around

Musical Pete - I like this blog.

No, it's not about sex! I'm not sure it's about anything really ~laughing~ but his writings are interesting and...

He likes Roller Coasters!

New Customers Phone Sex Offers

Just a reminder, my good phone sex slut friends, ~s~ Keen/ Niteflirt has a New Customer Special you can send to anyone who has never called through their company before.. I think it's an offer of three free minutes right now (It changes every once in a while). You just have to email them with the offer.. there is some special link included in the mail that gives them whatever the offer is - and yes, THEY are told what the special offer is LOL.

~turning with a dazzlingly sensuous smile to the guys out there watching~ I'd love to send you the offer ..just light up my life with a quick email to me at your_serena AT

You know how to fix that email addy - just change the word AT to the symbol @. If I don't write it that way here, I'll get tons of automated mail from spammers robots.... and really, I'd much rather hear from YOU!

Favorite callers, huh?

ok, seeing that the topic has turned to our favorite callers today, allow me to tell you about one of my all time faves. its not that he spends alot of money that i like, although he does, i think its just the way he makes me feel inside, deep inside.
as soon as i hear his voice on the other end of the phone, i swear to god, my cunt starts dripping. he has this super dominant voice, and he reminds me of what a slut i truely am at heart. he shares his sexual experiences with me, and goes into such detail, i can almost feel his hands in my hair, forcing me to deepthroat his cock. then as he keeps going, i would swear i can taste hot wet cunt on my tongue from his other playmate. He talks about going back and forth between her and me, fucking first her cunt, then fucking mine while i suck his cum out of hers.
The entire time we are talking and he's roleplaying with me, the way he describes things, i have no doubt that he has actually done them on more then one occasion. The other thing with him is that he always, and I do mean always calls me his little slut, his cum whore, and a host of other names, that seem to all have the same effect, to soak my cunt all the more. He has made it quite clear to me that in his eyes, women have but one be His slut, to be there just for his pleasure.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah, I could definately get into that for a few long as i get to cum at some point, because with the way my clit throbs just talking to him on the phone, if i were face to cock with him, there would be no stopping the flood of "emotions" from me.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

One of my favorite callers...

I'd like to share with you all one of my favorite regulars....

He is the sweetest married gentleman. And I am his lover.... his mistress. He loves for us to roleplay, and fantasize about him slipping out when the wife is away, meeting in secret places. I come up with new an imaginative places for us to just "happen" to run into each other.... And wouldn't you know, it always SOMEHOW ends up with us having hot passionate sex!! Can you IMAGINE? *grins* seriously though. He is a plethera of emotions. Sometimes just raw passion, where he's felt neglected in his marriage and need to feel in control. Other times he is tender and thoughful... a very loving creature who just showers me with gifts and is so grateful to have me in his life.

One time he just happens to have followed me into Fredericks of Hollywood, and is secretly watching me try on lingerie...He's told the store clerk I was his wife, so she would not wonder. He watches and gets more excited with every outfit. He then pays the store clerk money to allow him into the employee's lounge where he whisks me away and takes me OVER and OVER again!.

OK OK... Im a hopeless romantic sometimes... but it really is one of my favorites. He calls often and he loves feeling like I am really his "lover" on the side. I think it helps him to realize some fantasies without REALLY feeling like he is cheating on his wife. So if it works for him... (and for my bank account !!) Im all for it !!

Nikki's Bedroom walls

~Decorating My Bedroom so I can "entertain" easier, slipping red satin sheets on a four poster queen size bed, lots of pillows thrown all over it, an oriental rug in the middle of the floor, and a beautifully engraved wooden box at the foot of the bed, full of all my toys, the walls covered with these words~
Nikki sucks the best cock around
Nasty Nawti Nikki

Nikki loves her ass fucked

For a good time, call Nawti Nikki

Kumforus has the best girls around, CALL THEM

if you can read this, your still too close to your computer instead of the phone, GO CALL

some of my favorite callers

I used to always think of myself as submissive. You know, I'd only go out with the big strong he-man dominant type guys.

Well, since I started on Keen, practically the first day, submissive guys have been calling me.

At first I thought "what do I say? what do I do?"

But after talking it out with several of these guys, I found, at first, that we had something in common, that burning desire to submit to a stronger will. . . and, well, now, I love being the ball-crushing dominant female!

Don't tell the guys how much they turn me on! I was so shocked the first time one had my clit tingling, I nearly hung up on him. But, I got it together and came AFTER we got off the phone.

A few good guys have got me off over the phone, but that is still few and far between. I like making them beg me to touch themselves, beg to cum, and beg for everything in between! I've done some cruising around the 'net to discover new ways to torture them and to help them achieve their goals. I like dressing men up like girls, making them suck cock or take it in their ass, I also enjoy torturing their cocks and balls, but my personal favorite is just to have a houseboy type slave who takes care of me and what's mine. In my perfect world, he sleeps on the floor at the foot of my bed. Sometimes I will sit on his cock and get off, but he never gets to cum inside me. When he gets too horny and lonely, he can beg for my touch! He'd better be careful, though, or he may end up having a blow-up doll for a bedmate!

I still don't see myself as totally hardcore domme, though. I still melt when a dominant guy comes on my line and takes charge, and I find myself cringing at some of the things these guys have done with their balls.

There's nothing on my bedroom walls but art. . . but you know, if your cock's hard, you need to call kimber for what only kimber can do.

Love, sex, and panties,


p.s. Zucchini is harder than a cucumber, lasts longer, and doesn't have those little prickly things in the skin. Oh, and sometimes has a nice cuuuurrrrve to it too! Bananas are great, but all produce should wear condoms before it goes inside you. . . all those pesty pesticides . . . ewwww!!!

waiting for the fedex man

ok, so here i am, on a boring tuesday, waiting for the fedex man, just dreaming about what the package he's bringing has in it. I know I wanna know what, right? well, since starting at keen, not even two months ago, i have become this total slut. So much so that I actually burnt out the motor in my vibrating egg, which happens to be my all time favorite toy. I have vibrators and dildos and all, but there is something about this nice little egg with a remote control that just really gets me off. I mean can you imagine having something small and vibrating super fast laying on your clit while your using a vibe to fuck yourself? or better yet, being out in public with someone, the egg either in your wet cunt or your tight ass, them holding them remote, controlling the speed of this egg while you try to carry on a conversation with the casheir at the supermarket, or bend over to pick something up off the bottom shelf at walmart?
So after the motor burnt out of my last egg, i went searching and found an even better egg. This one has more speed and power behind it, and i'm beginning to swear the fed ex man is pulled over someplace just trying it out for me. hmmm maybe i will have to answer the door naked and see if i can't get the fed ex guy to play with it with me. I just wonder how hard it would be to get him to slip it into my ass, and fuck me nice and hard, the egg vibrating both my sweet ass and his massive cock. Oh well, theres the door~Grinning evily~ I will have to let yall know what happened