Monday, November 22, 2004


This one's for Nikki, mainly, but it's also for fun.

I love thinking of new ways to humiliate my guys, but I also love it when they give me ideas I can pass on to someone else. Here are a few of my favorites

I always remember that everything is my will. He cums not because he wants to or needs to or even if he begs prettily. He only cums because it pleases me.

My slave boy is only permitted on my bed when it suits me, he is never be permitted to sleep with me. The only man I want to sleep with is a big strong one who wraps me in his heavy strong arms.

He has a pallet at the foot of my bed, maybe blankets and a pillow, if he earns them. Yes, on the floor.

Generally, I can't stand whining and will mete out the harshest punishments for it.

One was good, very good, but then whined just a bit that he wanted to fuck my pussy. It seems he felt he'd "earned" it. I went into my closet and brought out a box. I told him "this is your birthday present." It was only two days early, but he'd turned it into both a reward and a punishment. I said "maybe this will teach you not to whine!" and drop-kicked it over to him, saying "blow her up carefully and keep her clean."

Sometimes I tie my boy's ankles to his wrists as he kneels beside my bed. If I have a gentleman caller, my boy might suck my guest's cock hard or clean it off as he's leaving. But he would kneel there and watch as I am fucked, so he could see what he was missing. Though, it all really depends on how I feel. I have forced him to his pallet where he can't see, he can only listen and feel the bed rocking.

Piss me off and find yourself royally pissing on yourself by wearing a diaper for 24 hours. Do I care where you are going and what you plan to do? No, not really.

Real life trips to the mall to inquire into the price of crotchless pantyhouse or panties, maryjanes and ankle socks, or just to the local X-Rated bookstore so he can sit in a booth and suck cock are
some of the more mild assignments, not punishments, I've given to remind my boys just who is boss.




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