Friday, November 19, 2004

The phone

I woke up this morning to the sound of my phone ringing...mmmmmmmmmm who would it be to rouse my body this day? I leaned over to my side, my heavy breasts rolling to clap together hand reaching for the phone...I could already feel my clit start to pound and the juices start to flow....A call..I was getting a call!!!...Would the voice be whispery or loud and commanding...."get your fingers in your cunt girl".....could I hear the man sounds of his arousal starting already as a soft moan escaped over my full lush lips... or would i just say, Hello...this is can I fullfill your fantasy today? My imagination is fertile and I am lucky to have a body that responds wickedly to it. I get lots of calls from lots of men and each is special and important to me. Will I be able to give him what he needs? Will I know just what will send him flying this day? and mostly..... Will I get to hear you cum?...thoughts run through my reaction shows in my moans and the motion of my body as I roll to my belly and begin to hump the bed..shoving a pillow neath my hips to give me more clit pressure....I listen to each word from Your mouth,,,be it a strong or quiet one and I feed on them.....and when I cum..I cum for you...only you.....thrusting my wanton hips hard, like a freed fuckbeast and letting my juices pour out....Growls this is a way to start a day......


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