Sunday, November 21, 2004

an unusual kind of caller??

I have this caller....we will just call him "tommy parker" who totally gets off on being referred to as a little faggot while he wears women's panties, thigh highs, bras, the whole nine yards, masterbating into them. Now, he truely loves to be humiliated, in the sense that i threaten to expose him for being, and i use this word because its what he refers to himself as, a faggot. The idea of being forced to suck a strap on, or a huge cock while hes being fucked anally seems to be what really makes him cum, but the entire time, he wants told what a nasty little fag he is.
so Tommy Parker, you fagboy, heres to you. I am just wondering if anyones got any hot ideas on how to humiliate this little faggot more then being a cocksucker already has!!!
The Nawti One


Blogger tommy parker said...

I really do love talking with Nikki, she brings my faggot ass out of the closet everytime. She knows I love sucking big cocks while I'm getting my little man pussy drilled. Anyone interested in getting some good head let me know, only big cocks need apply.

November 28, 2004 at 10:07 PM  

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