Monday, November 15, 2004


Today on the phone I had a guy ask me if I had ever masturbated with a cucumber..and then made me promise to write about it in detail.

These are those details....

Yes, I have done that! ~s~ Why? Why not? Because it was different... something new... something a little off the beaten path..something just slightly naughty ~s~

Knowing in advance what you are planning to do makes the whole trip to the store incredibly interesting, I might add. I've stood in the produce section choosing vegetables, and even cucumbers, before..but somehow - when choosing one for pleasurable activities, I was convinced that everyone nearby knew exactly what I was up to!

And ohhh god does that feeling make me hot!

The store I shop at has automatic misting of the vegetables every few minutes. My selection process lasted through three mistings.

Of course I wanted one that was firm. That, more than size, guys, does it for me. "Yeah yeah, you've got a whopper in your pants....but how HARD does it get?"

This meant I had to pick up several cukes and squeeze them. It surprised me how erotic that was...I think it was from the secret naughtiness involved. I glanced over the offerings..not going for those on the huge end of the scale.....mostly looking for one that was "just right".

And three mistings later, (after my thighs were suitably moistened as well), I found it.

I don't remember what else I bought that particular day (the first time I ever did this ~s~) but I know I was sure that the cashier HAD to know what I was planning.

Fast forward through racing home to the scene where I am now lying naked on my bed, cucumber in hand.

Little known fact: Cucumbers are cold!

Contrast, however, can be SUCH a turn-on. Broad hint - contrast IS a turn on for me ~s~

So there I was, lying on my bed, Cool Cuke in Hand ~playful smile~

This was, though, my first exploration into the world of vegetative pleasures and toward the beginning of my personal journey to discover a variety of erotic adventures - so there was also that voice in my head screaming "What the fuck are you doing?"

Nice voice.

Contrary to my previous excited state in the store, I was at this point uncomfortable and embarrassed! Why, I don't know. No one was watching. And I sure wasn't thinking how someday I might write about it for anyone to read.

But anyway...

I bucked my hips up and slid Mr Cool Cuke in. Cucumbers have a way of filling you up that makes you think there is more of it in than there really is.

Once you get going, you can almost forget that its a cucumber (if it wasn't for the temperature, you COULD probably forget entirely) Myabe it just starts to feel good enough that you don't particularly care anymore. I don't know.

It's definitely a different sensation to feel your muscles spasm in orgasm around a cool cuke. And then to lie there afterwards with a silly smile on your face...relishing the naughtiness of it all..

Oh the things I have experimented with since then....


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