Tuesday, November 16, 2004

waiting for the fedex man

ok, so here i am, on a boring tuesday, waiting for the fedex man, just dreaming about what the package he's bringing has in it. I know I know....you wanna know what, right? well, since starting at keen, not even two months ago, i have become this total slut. So much so that I actually burnt out the motor in my vibrating egg, which happens to be my all time favorite toy. I have vibrators and dildos and all, but there is something about this nice little egg with a remote control that just really gets me off. I mean can you imagine having something small and vibrating super fast laying on your clit while your using a vibe to fuck yourself? or better yet, being out in public with someone, the egg either in your wet cunt or your tight ass, them holding them remote, controlling the speed of this egg while you try to carry on a conversation with the casheir at the supermarket, or bend over to pick something up off the bottom shelf at walmart?
So after the motor burnt out of my last egg, i went searching and found an even better egg. This one has more speed and power behind it, and i'm beginning to swear the fed ex man is pulled over someplace just trying it out for me. hmmm maybe i will have to answer the door naked and see if i can't get the fed ex guy to play with it with me. I just wonder how hard it would be to get him to slip it into my ass, and fuck me nice and hard, the egg vibrating both my sweet ass and his massive cock. Oh well, theres the door~Grinning evily~ I will have to let yall know what happened


Blogger Simply Serena said...

You SLUTTTT !!!!!! ~laughing~~~~~~~

November 16, 2004 at 11:28 AM  
Blogger Nikki said...

as promised....the conclusion of what went on with the federal express man.
I did not answer the door naked, as I was dress sitting here typing the original post, but, I was dressed in a short robe, as I had just gotten out of the shower.
when he knocked at the door, I had just unzipped the robe enough to almost, but not quite, my nipples showing. put it this way, it left little room for the imagination.
now, when I answered, the man literally gulped. and I don't mind saying, he was quite sexy. I acted super excited(wasn't really acting, I was super excited), and "dropped" my cigerette, so that I had to bend down to retrieve it. At this point, His eyes literally followed me down, and I could see them stop at my naked ass.
Finally, I took the parcel from him, acting like I was not sure what was in it(you know, those plain brown wrappers), so I opened it in front of him, pulling out this awesome "clit stimulator" directly in front of him. Now, he was still waiting for me to sign at this point, and I, of course, was well aware of that. Instead, I told him that I wanted to be certain that it arrived in working condition before I signed for it, and I rushed into the house, motioning for him to follow me, and ran for batteries as he stood in my livingroom. When I came out, the egg was already on high speed(it has ten settings), and I was quite flushed, but I slid it over the buldge in his fedex trousers, causing him to stutter for a moment. He looked at me and said "yes, I would say it works, wouldn't you?" I started laughing and said "well now, we know it works on you, but look, there is actually a notch cut out of this egg for my clit to lay in".
I slid the egg under My robe, hoisting up the robe a bit, and demonstrated for him how my clit did indeed fit in this notch. Unable to stand anymore, I layed down on the couch, noting his eyes following me, and proceeded to show him how the egg worked, first over my hard little clit, then deep inside my tight wet cunt. Seeing him getting harder and harder, I asked him if he would mind holding the remote control for me, and I proceeded to get myself off as I sucked on his huge cock.
I think I have My very own fedex driver now. Bet my packages are never late again ~winks~

November 17, 2004 at 4:14 AM  
Blogger Simply Serena said...

Damn, that got me so worked up Nikki, the next guy that calls is going to be one verrry lucky fellow!

MY Fed Ex driver is sooo yummy to look at...now you've got me thinking about ordering another egg (mine works just fine LOL)

November 17, 2004 at 10:52 AM  

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