Thursday, December 23, 2004

wheres everyone at?

wow, talk about a quiet blogger. is anyone still here or am I writing to myself here? how about giving a heads up if anyones reading this? I know kimber and I are advertising the blog, so we would love to hear from some of our callers that actually took the time to read this. let us know what you want to read about.......what you are dying to know about us!!
the nawti one

Saturday, December 04, 2004

and So the Season has Begun

The Christmas Season is here......Keen and Niteflirt are full of good cheer,
I am posting this message now, so I dont forget later on in the Season
To all that are reading this, I wish you a very Merry Holiday Season!!
If you travel for the Holidays, please travel safely, Keep an eye on the Weather,
Make sure your driving speed limits, etc. If you are over tired on the road,
always know you can call any of us at niteflirts to talk to while you drive.......
what better way to keep awake then have a beautiful woman telling you how she would like to suck on your massive cock?? A throbbing hardon would surely keep you focused on the road and the other drivers around you!!
Don't ever feel you are interupting our time, or keeping us up during the nights. We are here for you to are the reasons we keep our phones on, and if we need to be doing something else, have no doubt that we will turn the phones off to do so.
I just wanted to remind you all that we are here for you, no matter what. we dont just do this for the money, many of us also do this because we enjoy talking to you.
I have met so many wonderful people through my phones, had so many awesome conversations........I can only hope the New Year brings You all back to Me, as well as many more wonderful people.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!!!
Nikki......the Nawti One